A Winning Poker Strategy – It’s So Simple, It’s Stupid If You Don’t Do It

A Winning Poker Strategy - It's So Simple, It's Stupid If You Don't Do It

Here is a poker strategy that you must use in no limit poker tournaments:

Let’s say you entered a no limit poker tournament. It’s the middle of tournament. There are 40 players left. You have an average sized stack.

At your table, there are nine players and everyone is playing fairly predictable poker. You are in middle position and everyone will call you with hands like suited connectors, weak aces, middle pairs and high suited cards.

This is the basic edge that you need to exploit to the positive in order to win tournaments. Your goal is to exploit the players to make it to the end where you can essentially steal all their chips.

This is much easier said then done, but if you can do it, it works. You canhog a few hands to get yourself into position, but you need to be more aggressive than other players.

Here are eight mistakes that you must avoid to successfully run an aggressive poker strategy:

  1. Not playing against a loose aggressive player
  2. Not playing the right cards
  3. Not isolating and then using your chips
  4. Overvaluing your hand and paying too much
  5. Playing too many pots
  6. Not using the chip firewall correctly
  7. Overprotecting your hands
  8. Playing out of position

You need to leverage your strong hands with smaller hands. Hands like Jacks and above, Ace and King suited. Play these hands more aggressively and you will be able to save chips when you aren’t quite sure you have the best hand.

When you are calling a raise with one of the more solid hands, like Jacks or above, you need to make a 3x big bet (Pragmatic Play Rtp Live) after the flop. If the flop is garbage, you can safely push all in. The most dangerous part of this is using this technique in position. If you get called, you are out of position. This is an area where you really need experience.

Playing scared won’t cut it. You need to constantly attack the pot in position. Sure, you may get called, but you need to attack players pre-flop regardless of what they may have. Once you have a good read on a player, you can even be aggressive when you are in late position.

Please note that in all of the scenarios below, I Alvin removed the suited cards. I felt that even if he was playing a more solid hand, like KQ, and the flop was garbage, he would have bet out. Also, the other players at the table surely would have raised it to try and push me out; so it was a bit risky to slow my hand down with only a small sized bet (100 chips).

Scenario #1

I have JJ, Seized the blinds and raised 3x the big blind. Everyone calls. There are no raises. I am in very good position. If he has something decent, like a high pocket pair, he will raise big and try to get me out of the hand. I know this. So, I call.

The flop is 36C. He checks. What a waste. There are chances I can take the pot with the straight. But, I do not have to do so, because he will not let me bet.

Scenario #2

I have 97s, 8d in the big blind. No one prior to me has bet.I am thinking about checking/calling, when…. guess what…. a random hand calls me! I didn’t even have a hand.

Bad beats happen to good players. It happens to the best of players all the time. But, what frustrates me more, is when other players think they are doing the absolute right thing, and then they get rewarded for it.

It just makes me think about how crazy everyone plays. And, I usually end up sucked out on.

Maybe I take this too seriously, but I don’t understand the fascination with low pocket pairs. Everyone throws chips around. No one has made a low pocket pair. Why? Why not?

These hands get exploited by so many people. Why? Because it’s a hand that can potentially win the pot against any 2 cards, reference the dealer hit. That’s the ONLY opportunity you have. The high card option is the reference to the dealer’s cards. Unless the dealer has a 2, the hand is really a high card and YOU the low card. In most cases, you will have to add the value of the hand, in hopes of scooping the low.

Scenario #3

I have 97o in the big blind. The flop is 7h8c.