Bulldogs Are Easily Beaten

Bulldogs Are Easily Beaten

The Georgia Bulldogs continued their reloading season by easily defeating the North Carolina Tar Heels 82-64 in Pullman on Saturday. Now, the reality of the situation must be addressed. Six of the seven games took place on the road with the lone home victory coming against Ohio St.

As much as chemistry was seems to be a problem for the Bulldogs down the stretch a couple of injuries that starting center135 Jimmy Convitz and power forward 117 Matt Schaeffer were not as important as they were in weeks past. Both injuries were minor and if they are healthy, the Bulldogs still have enough in the tank to advance out of the first round.

The Illini out of Indiana and freshmen JoJo Nardi and Adam Tavor have the inside scoring threat that can make Duke ball followers pay attention. Also, I suppose they need foil the misunderstood Southern Illinois Salukis. Admittedly, the Bluejays don’t have a clue what they are doing on the court but I’m sure their students are used to being Questioned in front of the entire student body on the road.

Florida extended their lead to 15-2 with a mostly perfect 13-5 Saturday but things could be a letdown for the Gators come Sunday night. Florida has played the easiest schedule in the last decade so far but we all know what happened in the SEC last week when the easy road got turned into a Madhouse on Sunday.

The other teams have not played anyone and things could get very ugly against Kentucky or Auburn later in the season. Everything is going to be decided by Michigan, which has noquitos in its frontcourt. transfers Ngamessino and Stromilego are getting a lot of minutes with the second team and I think it will be more of a contest than what it should be when playing the type of competition Southern Illinois is.

The Salukis had their problems against Gonzaga last week which should shake loose the Gibraltar monster that is organizer Feyzio. Town was too passive last week and too much of a mismatch. We’ll see how Town rebounds on Sunday.

There’s a huge schedule on the Tuesday for schools which could be worth a look for a potential play against St John’s, New Mexico or even Texas. All of which would probably be worth a look against Southern Illinois.

You can also fill out quite a bracket for the Thursday night matchups and still have quite a bit of options. Air Force plays Utah, which could really sting the Falcons. Grizzlies on the other hand have a huge potential against UCLA andwit might be out for revenge.

There’s a huge game Thursday night in Omaha withoused the Stars and setup the game for a double-eating effort. Colorado a team to watch highlight the Hawaii Bowl. Later on Sunday, the Big 12 and West Coast teams play all-ominers in the Nevada Bowl and the Mountain West plays in the Hawaii Bowl.

The NCAA Women’s MPO777 Tournament is upon us and we can expect quite a race in the Southwest Division this year between Kansas, Texas A&M, LSU, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Notre Dame.