How to Win at Betting – 97% Win Rate Guide Or Money Back

How to Win at Betting - 97% Win Rate Guide Or Money Back

Gambling professional, venture investor and often author, Rich Allen reached a career turning point in his life when he realized that the things he had always learned and always created in his betting career was nothing more than just an elaborate system of betting and betting methods and Rich Allen himself was nothing short of a gambling addict, which was a fact he had managed to avoid for years.

After years of researching and developing his own profitable method of highly accurate lay betting, he had finally found something which would work professionally and he was determined to share his new found method, that plus he promised me that if I did, I would win my first million and then some!

My partner in the venture, Alexandra, started off betting on the same games but she used the same systems she and she were both using which caused her to have almost exactly the same win rate as Rich, himself.

Now, I know that 99.9% of people who gamble in the hope of winning, will never work up to the level of the professionals and do not even know there exists a reliable systematic approach to sports betting, much less collaborate with such a person in order to build a truly reliable betting system, but I felt there was a risk I could not afford to take.

The system Rich Allen used was very powerful, it allowed him to loose around 16 units for each sports bet he made, on average each time he won he would win 3.5 to 4 units. On the losing days, he would loose around 8 to 10 units for each bet he lost.

Here is a simple 3 step progressive betting system you can use today to win the vast majority of your bets.

  1. What You Should Have

You should have a working Martingale system, with a built in built in flaw that punters seem to ignore. I started using this a few months ago and although I have improved my results, over the long term the system will have a way to go.

  1. How It Works

Refer to the table below, when you lose a bet, bet the size of your standard betting unit on the next hand. When you win, keep the same size until you achieve the next jackpot. But, if you lose, increase the size of your bet by the amount of the loss until you get to the next win, in this case, 10 units.

Thus, when you win, you are guaranteed nothing. But, if you lose the first bet, you will have 10 units on your next hand, which would be a lot more than the initial £5.

  1. How Much Money You Should Bet

This is the most common question asked and the one that raises most confusion. Why risk 10 units when you can risk £100 or £1,000? Well, the problem is that most questions about gambling tend to be asking more about winning than losing. When 90% of people ask if you should gamble on this horse, £10 or £100, the answer is still yes.

If you ask the question, is gambling in the UK still acceptable, my answer is clear. It is being regulated but not criminalized and if you own a pub and have a few drinks, then you cannot be termed illegal because you are attempting to raise money for charity.

You can still gamble online, as there are numerous online panen138 and betting sites available to suit your taste and hardware. They are usually call sportsbook, as the former are regulated and unlike the ambush market which is harder to regulate.

On the other hand, if you want the thrill of every coin, the horse racing tracks are the place to go. Every time, the tracks respond to the currencies of the various countries, as the US dollar is the official currency of the United States and European nations, the horse racing bettors must adjust the odds according to the current exchange rates.