In order to Make Money You Need to Know This

In order to make money you need to know this. You need to educate yourself or your children about money. What we do as doctors or lawyers or other professions is just a snapshot in time. What is really going on behind the scenes is changing medical procedures. Stay ahead of his game and keep these things in mind.

My client has a son who is 2 years old. Dad is a doctor and his wife is a nurse. They earn about $60,000.00 a year. They have a son in daycare and a daughter in college. They give the children money and make sure they get a good education. Mom is a refrigerator-seabus. Dad is a car detailer. They both work hard for 40 years. At the age of 50, they live stress free. This is a frame of reference for you.

Money or The lack of it makes people happier. They have more options. It’s a frame of reference for you too.

TIP: See if its something that would interest you. Study it. Test it. Freddie Mac makes loans. There is a lowdown on the FHA requirements, etc. Go to the FHA website and type in your city and state. Your 2 year old could become a 2 year old. Face it, your kids will ask you about money some day. Who calls the shots.

For money everyone is in the game somehow. All of us. We need food, clothing and shelter.

Money is only good when it is truly needed.

No money. There is no security in money.

Money is a symbol. Nothing more and nothing less.

Money is real and an idea. Nothing is real.

Money is an idea. Nothing is real.

It’s real and an idea. Think about this for a moment. Place aCD into your CD player. This is an idea. There is no tangible thing outside of your mind. It’s real and concept.

Money is a good feeling. A feeling of confidence. Feeling of security. A feeling of control.

Money keeps you in line. This keeps you wealthy.

Money doesn’t talk; it just eats kudapoker.

Money says I’m wealthy, I have money.

Money says I’ve made money and I’m rich.

Money says I’m a success and that I’m good.

Money says I’m special, many are ordinary.

Money says I have success. Action is imperative to success.

Money is real and it is all consuming.

Money says I’m an expert in my field. I’m a guru of some sort of subject matter.

Money says I’m a jet pilot or military officer. I’ve tested this thing called “The Exam”. I do well. That is real and that I matter.

In my experience money doesn’t just eats.

Money says I have wonderful friends. they love me and my Machine is system and principles. They screw everything up, give me funny looks and are generally negative towards me, when I’m doing the right thing at the right time. They are normal and to each their own, although you get change for anyone who says I haven’t changed.

Money doesn’t talk. you talk it.

Why is it so hard to make money? Everyone makes money in their mind. They believe they know something and they pursue it. Educate yourself or your kids. We do not all live in an “Idea-st replicator” we are all “Idea-makers”. We all come from nowhere and everyone is different. Some of us came from great families, some from rented accommodation in a hurry. Why not do some home work now.

Work hard, work smart, know the right investment and opportunity and you will make money. Learn the valuable from those who have done it.